The Perceptions Project held six invitation-only workshops in 2014 and 2015 that brought together scientists and religious leaders for discussion about topics of mutual concern and possible tension.

The first three of these professionally facilitated workshops fostered dialogue between scientists and leaders of the Evangelical Christian community. Reflecting the diversity of the U.S. Evangelical population, these events were held in three regions of the country:

Preliminary focus groups were conducted between scientists and Evangelical pastors in preparation for these regional workshops. From those meetings, facilitated by project partner Public Agenda, a discussion starter was developed to ensure productive conversation at Perceptions Project workshops.

These exciting workshops focused on issues that are sources of vitality. Conflicts were not dismissed, but the workshop format allowed for a variety of perspectives to be shared. Through this process, the Perceptions Project sought to improve communication and foster productive relationships between scientists and religious leaders.

Building on lessons learned from these initial meetings, the project hosted three additional workshops that brought together scientists and leaders of Catholic and Orthodox Christian, Mainline Protestant, and Jewish groups.

Highlights and products from these exciting workshops were shared with the wider public at a national conference in Washington, DC, on March 13, 2015.